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Solus Island Let Me Out OThR

Solus Island is a simple and short RPGMaker game where you wake up in an unfamiliar place. You must study the resources around you to figure out out why you're here and who you are. Something big may be happening here - something that affects millions more than you.

Solus Island was my first ever project relating to music production. My best friend, Header, wanted to participate in Clover Jam, a game jam whose submission window was open for two weeks. I accepted the offer, but I did not have access to Logic from my home, so the only time I had to work on the soundtrack was during school hours. For only being able to work on the soundtrack for five hours a week, I feel that it turned out pretty good!

Download here! Soundtrack

Let Me Out is a mobile game that aims to recreate the retro game style in a modern manner. It consists of thirty levels where you are trapped in a cave and must solve puzzles, jump through portals, and maybe even slay a dragon to escape. Let Me Out has only one song, but the game has been built on a principle called adaptive music. The part of the song that plays at any given moment is dependent on where the player is in that moment. The song is a remaster of the first track I had ever made which was for a personal project back in 2019.

I also worked on all of the sound effects in this game.


OTHR is an upcoming RPGMaker game developed by Header where you explore the thoughts and dreams of a boy that did some not so great things. As this is unreleased, I am unfortunately not at liberty to say much more.

Unlike most game soundtracks, Header told me to make tracks and they would build the dreams based off of them. This was strange to me, but after making a few tracks, I realised how creative I could be while also being so minimalistic. Most tracks in OTHR aren't anything even close to rave music. They're all minimal but specific enough so that you get a vivid tone, similar to how dreams can be.